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Welcome to Addictive Kravings!


It's always a good time for sweets! Made with care and prepared with love, our sweets are all you need to make every day feel special. Find your favorite now.

Reason To Celebrate

From menu planning to party hosting, Addictive Kravings offers freshly baked cakes and sweets for your taste buds pleasure.

Addictive Kravings

​We are a small batch made-to-order licensed and insured cottage (home) bakery. Established in Fayetteville, NC by Tanisha Melvin. 

We believe in the value of handcrafted quality baked goodies. Not only do our desserts look good, they taste great as well. Our greatest satisfaction is the excitement and joy our desserts bring to the person who receives it.

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, shower, other special occasions or just because, our cakes and desserts are for making you smile. We would love to make this happen for you and your friends at your next event.

Image by Diana Light

Client's Love

Getting customer love is never easy, but our key ingredient is the quality we serve with our desserts with each order.

Monique Blake

Tanisha has done it again! Special moments and everlasting memories, addictive kravings has everything you need for any event! She delivered an amazing cake for my 37th birthday! So moist, succulent and delicious that it didn’t make it through the evening! So happy for Addictive Kraving, and recommend you to take advantage of her services ASAP!

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