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Image by Jeanie de Klerk

~ Addictive Kravings ~

Menu & Pricing

Our delicious desserts take center stage at any event. Check out our menu and get in touch with us for your next order.


Classic- Cakes & Cupcakes

French Vanilla - French vanilla cake with buttercream icing (with or without sprinkles)

Strawberry Supreme – Strawberry cake with buttercream (topped with a strawberry upon request) * (Crowd Favorite)

Lemon - Citrus lemon cake, with lemon curd filling and classic buttercream

Chocolate Lovers - Rich chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing

Birthday Cake - melt-in-your-mouth vanilla cake with fun colorful sprinkles in each and every bite!

Premium Flavors for Cakes & Cupcakes

Red Velvet – Red velvet cake with buttercream icing (pecans or walnuts added upon request) (Crowd Favorite)

Cookies & Cream – Vanilla cake with Oreo pieces, Oreo buttercream topped with Oreo Cookie

Strawbalade®- Combination of strawberry and lemon cake topped with classic buttercream icing

Caramel Delight – French Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream drizzled with caramel sauce

Hummingbird–Moist, Cinnamon-scented layer cake filled with tropical fruit (ripe banana & perfectly sweet pineapple) and chopped pecans and faux cream cheese frosting

Carrot Cake -Made incredibly delicious and moist with fresh carrots, pineapple, a blend of warm spices and faux cream cheese frosting

Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

These cakes are made by arranging batches of cupcakes into a unique shape before frosting and decorating all of them at the same time. The best part about these pull-apart cupcake cakes is that they don't need to be cut, making them a perfect grab-and-go treat. Available in all flavors, except for Caramel Delight

Cake Jars

Perfect for just because or catering special occasions. Cake jars consist of our delicious cakes layered with yummy frosting and sometimes other flavor-specific fillings and toppings all packaged in a resealable convenient jar. They are shelf-stable 2-3 days at room temperature after receipt and can be frozen or refrigerated to extend shelf lifetime.

Available in all flavors!

8oz - 2 pack $16



Classic Cupcakes (1 dozen) $25 / Mini Standard Cupcakes (2 dozen) $30

Premium Cupcakes (1 dozen) $30 / Mini Specialty Cupcakes (2 dozen) $35

* We do not offer split flavors as all items are made fresh per order *

Cupcake Cakes

Classic Cupcake-cake Flavor – (2 dozen) $50

Premium Cupcake-cake Flavor (2 dozen) $60

Layered Cakes

Our handcrafted cakes are 2 layers of round cake made with American buttercream and approximately 5 inches tall.

Classic Flavors

6in ~ $30/serves 8-12  8in ~$35/serves 15-24 10in ~$50/serves 28-38

1 Layer Sheet Cakes – Quarter sheet ~ $30/serves 15-20

1 Layer Half-sheet Cake ~$50 serves up to 50

Premium Flavors

6in ~ $35/serves 8-12  8in ~$45/serves 15-24  10in ~$70/serves 28-38

1 Layer Sheet Cakes – Quarter sheet ~ $40/serves 15-20

1 Layer Half-sheet Cake ~$60 serves up to 50

Extra Additions

Whether you would like to create a trending drip cake or an edible masterpiece we can dress your cakes up with lots of variety to wow your guests.

Ghiradelli Chocolate Drip starts at $8.00

The starting point of every drip cake includes your choice of colored white or milk chocolate

Deluxe Sprinkle Border starting at $15 up to $25.00

Cake Topper/Acrylic $7 / Custom $25.00

Toppers are perfect for making your cake pop

Two-tone buttercream $6 - $15

Gourmet Sweets

Chocolate Covered Oreos - $25 a dozen

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - $35 per dozen

Chocolate Covered Pretzels - $15 a dozen – minimum 2 dozen

Fresh Baked Cookie Bites Platter –$40 available in the following flavors: Classic chocolate chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Nutty - Classic chocolate chip with walnuts, M&M (chocolate chip w/ M&Ms), Peanut Butter Lovers and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Classic Muffins – $30 per dozen – Blueberry or Chocolate

Image by Diana Light

~ Addictive Kravings ~

Are You Looking To Wow Your Guests?

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